Salted Stone

Salted Stone

Los Angeles, CA, USA & Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Acerca de Salted Stone

10+ years in business. Locations across 3 continents. 70+ FTEs. 100% in-house strategy through execution. HubSpot's most complete partner agency. We are vertical-agnostic. Our clients canvas a wide spectrum of industries and geographies. Significant B2B SaaS/Tech, IT Ops, Healthcare, Real Estate and Financial Services experience. Dedicated B2C business unit with an E-Com and CPG focus. We've won a bunch of awards for our work, including two HubSpot Annual Grand Prize Impact Awards for the "Graphic Design" and "Website Design" categories. We employ several former HubSpotters. We're a fun-loving group with a humble and hardworking disposition. We care tremendously about the quality of our work. We donate 10% of net operating income to charity.

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An Amazing Agency- Always One Step Ahead!

Salted Stone's team members and their work is nothing short of amazing! They have helped my team curate a social media brand guide to help us identify and connect with our main target audiences. They are superb communicators and content creators. This group is ALWAYS on their game and ALWAYS one step ahead!

Anna Wheeler, Boxed Water Is Better

agosto 14, 2019

Experts, creative, & helpful

The folks at Salted Stone are true experts in their field. I have learned a lot from their insights and approach to digital marketing. I mainly work with their team to create monthly social calendars where they've advanced and diversified our content significantly. They are always flexible and available as last minute changes and questions come up. I look forward to the days where I get to review the content they've created for us - its super fun and performs very well!

Hanna Kelly, CTA, Boxed Water

agosto 14, 2019

Great partners

I only heard great things from everyone on my team that works with Salted Stone. Efficient, quick to communicate, and always pleasant to work with.

Chelsea White, Custora

agosto 09, 2019

Excellent communication and quick turnaround

Salted Stone has been a great partner in helping to build our site. They always keep me apprised of how long a project will typically take and iterate rapidly.

Madeleine Buras, Custora

agosto 09, 2019

Excellent follow through

After working with Salted Stone for over nearly two years, we decided to move our marketing efforts in-house, but we requested HubSpot landing page templates we could use into the future. The pages were beautiful and we’ve been using them since the end of our relationship with Salted Stone. Recently we had an issue with one of the pages for a specific application, and no matter how we tried we couldn’t figure out what the issue was. Finally, we reached out to Salted Stone and I spoke with our contact, Lyndsay. She was able to make sure that their dev team addressed and fixed our issue within 3 days! I can’t express how much we appreciate that kind of follow through. We had an important meeting coming up quickly and the landing page was for that meeting. Through their follow through and dedication to high quality work, we were able to get our page working properly in time for that meeting! We are grateful to have worked with such an incredible and thoughtful team. Highly recommend! They will never leave you hanging.

Nisreen Breik, Social Studies School Service

julio 26, 2019

Superb Hubspot Design + Engineers

Salted Stone is helping us develop a style guide, page map, and ultimately redesign our entire corporate website into a multi-media website. We're about half way through the project, but so far so good! The project management, weekly syncs and professionalism is something that you don't often see in web design. They have dedicated, specialized team members in each role and they know their stuff. I'd encourage you to ask them for an estimate and intro call for your project.

Daniel Zook, Farmer's Business Network, Inc.

julio 22, 2019